Talking Kids English
Hebei/Langfang Private company Education/Training  20-99 pepole
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Talking Kids English focuses on providing all-English, all-subject international teaching services for adults from 2 years old to adults. The curriculum design starts with early childhood education and enlightenment, EFL (English as A Foreign Language), and aims to cultivate happiness, self-confidence, and global competition. The next generation of powerful elites.
Talkoff’s open teaching environment and interesting teaching content will stimulate children’s curiosity and initiative in English learning through "Immersive Subject English" and foreign teachers’ full English communication and theme games, hand-made, and ballads. Cultivate children's English thinking and language initiative.
All Taoke foreign teachers come from native countries, ensuring that the pronunciation of the teaching language is pure, so that children can "study in the United States" without going abroad.
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