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School profile: Tianjin New Century Language and Culture Education Center was founded in June 1998 and is the most advanced foreign language teaching facility
A philosophical language school that specializes in English teaching and cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, and at the same time contributes to the promotion of Chinese learning and schools
International services. Possessing the "License for Running Schools" and the "Qualification for Employing Foreign Experts Units" issued by Tianjin Foreign Experts Bureau
Qualifications such as accreditation certificates.
English teaching in the new century adopts the language learning teaching philosophy and teaching methods of American Mingde, through the creation of high-quality
The language environment cultivates the interest in learning English and using English, enhances English learning ability, and improves English applications
level. The curriculum is completely different from traditional English teaching. It uses different systems, different teachers, different teaching methods, and
Teaching materials to achieve different teaching goals-to supplement the shortcomings of traditional English teaching and to solve the problems of traditional English teaching
To solve the problems, directly create a language environment, focus on training in listening and speaking, improve the self-consciousness of using English, and cultivate
Ability to communicate with foreign people and talk freely.
New Century provides horizon planning services for Chinese scholars who are interested in overseas development, including overseas curriculum learning, overseas diplomacy
Many successful cases have been accumulated in exchanges, study tours, study abroad, overseas training and internships, and overseas employment.
Fans of the family.
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